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Core 2 Duo Desktop PC

Price: Nrs. 28500

Monitor: 18.5" LCD,

Hard Disk: SATA 250 GB - 7200 RPM,

Mother Board: G-31/G41 (Core to Quad Supported) Supported FSB 800/1066/1333 MHz,

Chipset: Intel,

Processor (CPU): Intel Original Core 2 Duo CPU with Cooler,

Optical Drive: DVD RW - Samsung,

Memory (RAM): 2 GB (DDR-II 800/DDR-III 1333) Bus Speed (Expandable to 4 GB),

Keyboard: Multimedia,

Mouse: Optical with Pad,

Casing: ATX 450 Watt (front side 2 USB, 2 Jacks),

Graphic Card: Intel G31 Graphic Controller Integrated,

Sound Card: Microphone/Earphone/Line In Jack Integrated,

Speaker: 2.1 Sub-Woofer

NIC Card: RJ45 Ethernet LAN 10/100 MBPS,

I/O Interface: 1 PCI Express Graphic, 2 PCI Slot, 1 COM Port,

USB Connection: Total USB 6 Port

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